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About Us

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RICH HUDSON   President

It all started in my walk-in closet when I was 15. I had my Radio Shack mixer and microphone, with my record player and cassette player as sources. I played radio DJ for hours and hours.


Decades into my broadcast career, and after working almost every programming position possible in radio… I began to add voice-over to my repertoire. Narrating for Discovery Networks, A&E Networks, CBS Entertainment, Rogers TV (Canada) CBS Radio…. And countless others. National, Regional and Local commercials for Nissan, Chevy, Mercedes, Staples, McDonald's, Starbucks, Friendly’s Ice Cream, Honda and many more. There’s a bunch. Described in North America and Canada as the sound of The All-American, Guys-Guy, Friendly, Storyteller and amazingly enough... Announcer and Non-Announcer.

Having spent decades around so many talented professionals in radio and television production, I had an epiphany. Why not corral all of this talent in an environment where we can do what we have always done best, without restriction. Why not take our product directly to the end-user professionals who know exactly what they want.

STUDIO 1 PRODUCTION is my answer...




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